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Current Communication Courses & Workshops

These are course outlines only. All courses can be delivered in-house and changed to fit in with your own bespoke requirements. Parts from some courses can be combined with others to form a specific programme for your own business and needs taking into account your market sector.

Communication is our business and we can help your business communicate more effectively!

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Crisis Media Training

If it goes wrong the media will want to know. And you won't simply be in the news; you'll be the news!

This course offers a practical, flexible crisis media training, which provides knowledge and techniques that are essential for responding quickly and effectively to unexpected events.

This course will cover: Media communication; learning live; it's your crisis; (Full day workshop delivered by Blair Jacobs).

Confidence On Radio & Television

Have you ever been asked to do a media interview? Nerve wracking isn't it? We will offer you an insight how broadcast media works and the background of how a "story" is unfolded in the media world. Using broadcast equipment we will set up mock interviews and review your performance.

This course will cover: media in operation; press releases; recording, playback and review; (Full day workshop delivered by Blair Jacobs).

Getting Noticed In The Media

Helping you make the most of the media and how to get noticed and make the most of your brand.

This course will cover: how the media works; how to get noticed; writing a press release; news is not always good news; (Half day workshop delivered by Blair Jacobs).

Business Communication, Personal Presentation and Public Speaking

This is workshop in communication. All too often these skills are taken for granted even though many have had little, if any, formal training for what is a fundamental part of business communication and personal image development. Developing the ability to impact both large and small groups as well as having a more persuasive style on one to one meetings. So much can depend on the outcome of your presentation - often the difference between winning business and losing it.

Using DVD feedback, this course is an interactive and dynamic experience, which will create immediate results.

This course will cover: To plan and assemble your presentation; to project your personality; to make what you say more stimulating; to become your best visual aid; (Full day workshop delivered by Blair Jacobs).

Making Your Point (Teamwork)

Working collectively and co-operatively can improve job satisfaction as well as job productivity. How can participation be encouraged and communication be made more effective.

This course will cover: What is a team; Making your point; Teamwork skills audit; Solving team problems; Introduction to meeting skills; How to influence other; How to put your point across with lots of review and brainstorming work. (Full day workshop).

So Who's In Charge (Supervisor/ Manager Skills)

Modern supervisors and managers, should no longer strut around issuing orders. The skills required for front line managers should include managing a diverse workforce, team-building, counselling, coaching, report writing and organising and participating in meetings.

This course will cover: what is a supervisor; praising staff; listening and dealing with tricky situations; giving criticism; coaching skills; report writing; introducing and coping with change and brainstorming work; (Full day workshop).

Do You Know How To Network?

In today's difficult economic climate does your business stand out from the crowd? BUSINESS NETWORKING events are such an important way to get you and your business, more business - People work with people they like!

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media are very useful and get an instant message or update those who are interested in you, however nothing compares to a FACE TO FACE chat!

Is it easier to hide behind the Internet or an email? Is it sometimes nerve wracking to go into a room full of strangers?

This course will cover: gaining confidence and how to break the ice; tips on whom to approach and what to say in your opening line; how to delicately 'dump' the bore; How to market yourself and your business in an interesting manner; making the most of an opportunity and then how to follow up. (Half-day workshop delivered by Blair Jacobs).

Excellence In Customer Care

In our "client-centred" culture success in the market place comes to those who keep their customers happy and go that one step more. There are ways of talking and ways of structuring service that makes for greater customer satisfaction.

This course will cover: understanding who your customer is; why the customer is important; what is good customer care; putting yourself in your customers shoes and brainstorming work; (Half day workshop).

We Can't Hear You At The Back (Speaking Up At Meetings)

Meetings can be boring, irrelevant and a waste of time. They can also be productive, participatory and satisfying. How can you make a difference to your own input at meetings and add to successful use of meeting time?

This course will cover: preparing your material; knowing your audience; using visual aids; putting yourself across; handling Q&A sessions; coping with nerves; what makes a good presentation; video playback, review and feedback; (Full day workshop delivered by Blair Jacobs).

Professional Telephone Skills

Poor telephone techniques can have quite a negative impact on the company's first impressions. Good telephone etiquette is simple and effective and should be delivered by everyone in the business not just telephonists and receptions.

This course will cover: the power of the telephone; speech, tone and words; transferring calls effectively; listening and questioning techniques; taking charge of the call; being confident with your skills; (Half day workshop).

Dealing With Conflict (Difficult Callers or Tricky Customers)

Face to face encounters or on the telephone can sometimes lead to unpleasant confrontations. What are the best ways to deal with a difficult or aggressive customer? How can potentially explosive situations be defused?

This course will cover: recognising the signs of conflict; responding and looking at your own behaviours; dealing with aggression and violence; calming procedures and brainstorming; (Half day workshop).

Sales & Telesales Successful Techniques

Learn how to save money and time for both you and your company by creating more opportunities to sell your product or service. Understand the impact of the telephone in sales.

This course will cover: the power of the telephone; creating a selling opportunity; planning a campaign; negotiating a sale; interactive exercises and brainstorming; (Full day workshop).

In-House Training - NLP Is This The Latest Buzz Word

It is much more than that ..... It has a significant and respected place in business and can deliver successful results in a short timescale!

We work in close partnership with our clients to provide bespoke coaching solutions, because a one-size-fits-all approach simply does not address the complex situations and challenges facing senior executives and business managers in today's marketplace.

Our clients develop improved clarity, increased will, determination and self-belief. They acquire new skills and expand their leadership influence. They apply themselves more productively in the workplace, tackling bigger challenges, with more confidence and achieving better results for their organisations. (Bespoke programmes delivered by Stella Jacobs (NLP Practitioner & Coach).

In-House Training - Psychometric Assessment

A versatile and powerful tool to help find a personality type. This is valuable when understanding the team, personal or business development, leadership skills and gauging where you are now and where you want to be in the future.

Businesses use this to understand the dynamics of a team, which in turn help them, identify what, if any, improvements can be made.

We work alongside a certified practitioner who delivers these assessments for us.

Using both MBTI and OPQ32, we feel that businesses, teams and individuals can be assessed and helped?