Blair Jacobs

Increasingly nowadays, bad news can spread around the world at the press of a button. Not only does the media have better technology but through social networks, the public has the chance to write (within reason) exactly what they think of your business. Now you could use the thought that any PR is good PR but…really? Do you know how to handle affairs when the media comes calling?

We work with businesses to maximise their profile and control the media during a crisis or emergency. We work with you to either form or build up your emergency plan and identify the nature of any possible crisis that could hit. We’ll also give you the tools you need to talk to the media with confidence, making sure you stay on message and put your points across.

No one can tell when a crisis is likely to happen and we all hope it won’t – but should one occur, how confident are you currently that you could deal with this one aspect of it as well as managing the media. Let us help you.

Blair Jacobs in action